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Look after your feet with Nahrin Foot care

Dermatologically testedAfter the excesses of Christmas many of us will be looking at ways to get our bodies back into shape. Whether its pounding the pavements, Zumba or cycling, our feet and legs take much of the brunt. We therefore need to make sure we take care of them so we don't suffer the consequences. Here are three great products that we have bundled together which will not only save you £4 on the combined price, but also, this set, will be mailed to you for just £1.50 rather then the standard £3.50, when bought individually, saving you a further £2 giving you a total saving of £6!

Find out more about these three fabulous products:

4 pounds off Nahrin care

Nahrin Foot Spray

Our foot spray regulates excessive perspiration and removes bad odors caused by the bacteria which naturally occur on feet. Use it in the morning to spray on your feet, socks and in your shoes. It is also great for when you are walking barefoot in public places like pools, saunas and dressing rooms. What's more, it relaxes tired feet.

Its active ingredients are:

Lavender Oil, Icelandic Lichen Extract, Sage Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Juniper Oil, Bisablol, Pine Oil, Lemon Oil and Rosemary Extract which have the following benefits to your feet:

  • Calming and muscle relaxant
  • Antiseptic and antimicrobial
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing

Nahrin Arnica Foot Cream

This foot cream nourishes the skin effectively, both invigorating and relaxing feet. Natural, containing high quality plant extracts for a pleasant freshness. With rich oils such as peanut and sweet almond. Ideal for chapped and cracked skin. This foot cream helps relieve tiredness with a soothing and refreshing effect.

Nahrin Foot Repair Cream

Very dry skin on the feet can lead to callous and heel fissures. Cracked heels are a common problem which can be both painful and debilitating. If left untreated cracked heels can lead to infections and severe problems.

Nahrin has developed a Foot Repair Cream for extremely dry, rough and cracked feet. Especially recommend for callouses and Fissures. The Nahrin Foot Repair Cream contains 25% Urea which quickly and efficiently reduces callouses and repairs rough and cracked skin and significantly improves skin condition. The formula contains an effective combination of calming Panthenol, anti-inflammatory Marigold and Chamomile extract as well as skin-caring Allantoin and Camphor which has a refreshing and disinfecting effect. Nahrin Foot Repair Cream is fragrance-free. This cream provides long-lasting moisturising leaving a smooth and soft skin sensation.

Ideal for people:

  • People suffering from dry, rough or cracked feet
  • People suffering from callouses and fissures
  • Especially recommendable for athletes (strained feet)


Nahrin Foot Repair Cream is made without:

  • mineral oils, paraffins: (close the pores, hindering the skin in its natural breathing and regeneration process)
  • chemical preservatives, e.g. parabens
  • synthetic fragrances, e.g. polycyclic musks
  • colourants

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