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First Generation - Ulrich Justrich

Ulrich Jüstrich returned from Argentina to Switzerland in the middle of the 1930's recession committed to achieving his dream of bringing prosperity and creating employment in his hometown of Walzenhausen

Within 2 years of returning, Jüst was already producing its range of brushes itself

Ulrich's vision was to grow Jüst based not only on providing quality products made in his hometown, but even more importantly, by focusing on and looking after the customer

Jüst's priority of customer satisfaction and service continues right up to this day

With the problems caused by mobilisation of employees for the Second World War plus limited materials, Ulrich was determined to continue the high levels of customer service and support that Jüst had become known for and justly proud of

To overcome shortage of staff Ulrich started to pioneer direct mail shots to customers. The philosophy behind the mail shot was one of ‘Your Jüst advisor is on military service'

This continued customer support allowed Ulrich to guide sales and build the business while still providing high levels of customer service and satisfaction

Ulrich Justrich
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