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About Justrich Cosmetics

From their home nestled in the heart of the beautiful Swiss Alps, Jüstrich Cosmetics has become world famous for the quality of their Swiss herbal bodycare range, created using only the finest herbs and essences that nature can provide.

You can only be inspired by the tranquillity and beauty of the Swiss countryside, and this stunning, relaxing and natural environment only adds to the passion and inspiration that goes into the making of every Jüstrich Cosmetics' Nahrin product.

Jüstrich Cosmetics ultimate aim is quite simple, to use their passion, experience, and understanding of the benefits of herbal plants to promote health and wellbeing.
Hoping that they can help people around the world live life to the full.

Their state of the art production facilities in Berneck, Switzerland combined with their expertise and care in selecting and sourcing only the best natural ingredients from
around the world.

In addition to guaranteeing that Jüstrich Cosmetics does not conduct any animal testing whatsoever and uses only environmentally friendly materials, the factory also works within the guidelines and processes of ISO 9001.

Nahrin – natural Swiss herbal bodycare from Jüstrich Cosmetics.

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