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Nahrin Masterclass on Products and herbs

Because of the nature of herbs and their beneficial properties, each of our products have a myriad of uses. So a product you are buying for one thing may well be a fantastic solution for another! For this reason, we always recommend you talk to one of our knowledgeable consultants to start with, so that they can give you a one to one consultation and point you in the right direction. Click here to get a consultant to contact you.

However, for those who are more knowledgeable about our products or have more than just a passing interest in herbs and their uses, we are creating something special for you.

Starting with Essential Oils, each month Jüst UK will be adding another page to this Masterclass section. It will explain the benefits and uses of each of our products. This way, you can make sure you get the most out of your Nahrin product.

Essential Oils are incredibly powerful products but sadly quite often relegated to the bathroom cabinet or occasionally brought out to make the room smell nice. Over the coming months we aim to build your knowledge on choosing the right oil for the right job, mixing oils for a more powerful effects and why no household should be without them.

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Nahrin Eucalyptus Oil - the Respiratory Essence

Eucalyptus, a native species of Australia has been used by the Aboriginal people to treat sinus congestion and colds way before Europeans set foot on their land. - Read more of this article

Nahrin Geranium Oil - the Lady's oil

It is sometimes known as the Lady's essential oil due to its menstrual and menopausal benefits. In addition, Geranium Oil is useful for skin problems because of its astringent and anti bacterial properties. What's more, it also has a fantastic aphrodisiac effect! - Read more of this article

Nahrin Herbal Oil Plus 33+7 - our No.1 best seller

A very special blend of oils and plant extracts developed from an old recipe. The amount of the 33 essential oils and 7 plant extract are chosen in a way that they are divided into various groups which form together a fragrance effect and which support each other. Every one of the herbs is absolutely pure and comes from the best cultivable areas in the world. - Read more of this article

Nahrin Lavender Oil - the Calming Oil

Lavender, a native plant of the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean and Persia, where it grows in the sunny infertile soils. - Read more of this article

Nahrin Lemon Oil - the concentration oil

Lemon oil is particularly effective for sharpening concentration and strengthening memory retention, ideal to aid people who are studying for difficult exams or have a heavy load of work to get through! - Read more of this article

Nahrin Orange Oil - the Uplifting Essence

The scent of orange is known to have an uplifting aroma which helps alleviate anxious feelings and improve moods. Orange Oil has also become a popular ingredient in many household cleaning products because of its antiseptic properties. Adding a few drops of Orange Oil when you clean the floor can help disinfect the area. As with any essential Oil when using it on a surface, always try it out on a small area for the first time and only use a few drops. - Read more of this article

Nahrin Tea Tree Oil - the antimicrobial oil

Interest in Tea Tree Oil and popularity has grown due to its natural effectiveness against dandruff, head lice mites, fungal infections and acne. It is also a good natural treatment for ringworm and athlete's foot. - Read more of this article

Nahrin Thyme Oil - the Courage Essence

Thyme Oil has been used since the Egyptian times as a body balm and fragrance. The Romans would take Thyme baths to regain strength and it is they who propagated the plant throughout Europe. In the middle ages knights would be given a sprig to give them courage. - Read more of this article

Essential Masterclass
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