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Nahrin Masterclass on Products and herbs

Because of the nature of herbs and their beneficial properties, each of our products have a myriad of uses. So a product you are buying for one thing may well be a fantastic solution for another! For this reason, we always recommend you talk to one of our knowledgeable consultants to start with, so that they can give you a one to one consultation and point you in the right direction. Click here to get a consultant to contact you.

However, for those who are more knowledgeable about our products or have more than just a passing interest in herbs and their uses, we are creating something special for you.

This section of the website will build to give you a detailed understanding of each and every one of our products to make it easier for you to choose and also get the most out of your Nahrin product.

Make sure you visit this section often to view our next in depth article which will help you understand what makes Nahrin products so good. We will also be posting up information of these pages on our Facebook page, Twitter and Pintrest so if you are on one of these, make sure you "like us" or "Follow us".

Please note: we have a separate section that looks at the herbal benefits of our Essential Oils. This is because Essential Oils are like the building blocks for our products and therefore deserve their own section. Don't miss reading about them by going to our Essential Masterclass section - Click here

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Focus on our Award Winning Nahrin Body Scrub

Our skin is subject to a constant regeneration process. New cells are continually being generated in the lower dermal layers and travel to the upper layer to replace old and damaged cells. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Bath Essences

Nahrin bath essences, not to be confused with scented bath oils that you can buy from most high street chemists and gift shops, are highly concentrated and have a strong beneficial effect. They are made from distilled herbal essences which are very pure. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Mallow Shower Foam

The foam for our Nahrin Mallow Shower is made from a natural coconut derivative. It is very mild with a very fine and lasting foam structure giving you a soft, natural and healthy cleanser for your body. - Read more of this article


Focus on Nahrin Artifit Cream

Thanks to medical progress the average age people reach is steadily going up in the industrialized nations. Due to the presence of antibiotics and high-tech medicine the average age almost doubled within the past 100 years. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Dead Sea Salts Cream

Sensitive, irritated and thin skin benefits from the high mineral content of the salt of the Dead Sea and makes it smooth and elastic. It has a soothing, moisturizing and vitalizing effect and helps reduce the effects from allergies and itching. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Hand Cream

Great nourishing and moisturizing effect for your hands. Leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and leaves your skin soft and elastic. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Juniper Cream

Soothing, caring and warming cream with a relaxing and invigorating effect. It is ideal for massaging into muscles and joints. Juniper is well-known for its soothing effect and can help relieve the symptoms of rheumatic problems, arthritis, gout and sore muscles. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Lavender Cream

This caring body cream has a base of Aloe Vera leaf gel has a very wide range of applications. Lavender is well known for its relaxing and detoxifying effect. It is effective with stressed skin (skin that is often exposed to air pollution). Lavender products are ideal for people that suffer from stress and tension and all the consequences these conditions carry. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Mallow Cream

Mallow Cream nourishes and cares especially for mature and dry skin and makes it soft and elastic. It is soothing, moisturising and anti-irritating. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Marigold Cream

This herbal cream has been developed from an old traditional recipe which uses a soy bean and sunflower oil base and cares for sensitive, dry and chapped skin. It reduces redness and irritations and can speed healing, particularly after burns. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Sage Gel

Nahrin Sage Gel cools and invigorates hot feet and legs and has a penetrating, long-lasting action. The gel deodorizes and has a slightly disinfecting properties. It stimulates the micro-circulation of the skin promoting elasticity and helps to re-establish the skin's natural moisture balance. It does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling. Moreover it renders chapped and rough skin supple and soft. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Tea Tree Cream

This all-purpose cream is suitable for all skin types and has a wide range of uses. It calms and cares for irritated skin and makes it soft and elastic. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Thyme Cream

Thyme Cream is invigorating and beneficial for the respiratory tract due to its high content in essential oils. It penetrates quickly and is stimulating, especially when applied in a massage. Particularly recommended during the season of flu and colds as it is slightly disinfecting. - Read more of this article


Focus on Nahrin Facial Care Range

Nahrin Facial Care is a comprehensive range of products which care for the following areas:

  • Cleansing products
  • Daily moisturising products
  • Ancillary moisturising products
  • Anti-ageing products

- Read more of this article. (Note: this article is spread over 5 pages)


Focus on the Award Winning Nahrin Hair Conditioner

Our Award winning Nahrin Hair Conditioner is a soft hair balm for all hair types. Natural oils and extracts help to reinforce the structure of the hair, to make it easy to comb and to give it a silky shine. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Foot and Leg Care

Looking after your feet and legs is extremely important. During the winter we tend to neglect them as they stay covered up for most of the time, however in the summer we suddenly realise the errors of our ways. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Foot Bath (Fussbad)

This refreshing and relaxing foot bathing salt contains various therapeutic salts and herbal extracts. It helps to stimulate the micro circulation, relieves tiredness and softens calluses. - Read more of this article


Focus on Alpine Oil Spray

Contains a blend of natural essential oils who’s vapours have a soothing and calming effect on the respiratory tract. It eases breathing during a cold and also helps to keep the ambient air fresh. Its light disinfecting effect helps to reduce the spread of cough germs and flu viruses. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Artifit Powdered Drink

ArtiFit Powdered Drink is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of glucosamine and chondroïtine especially for those who find it difficult to swallow this popular supplement in tablet form. What's more, ArtiFit has a great natural citrus flavour. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Herbal Oil Plus 33+7

A very special blend of oils and plant extracts developed from an old recipe. The amount of the 33 essential oils and 7 plant extract are chosen in a way that they are divided into various groups which form together a fragrance effect and which support each other. Every one of the herbs is absolutely pure and comes from the best cultivable areas in the world. - Read more of this article

Focus on Nahrin Vivi Aloe

Has a strengthening and the purifying effect for the immune system, which is obtained by the main active ingredient, mucopolysaccharide 'Acemannan'. - Read more of this article

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