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Nahrin Moisturising creams

Dry skin is a perennial problem for many of us especially when the weather is on the change or as at present, frequent hand washing is a prerequisite. But the cause and solutions are diverse. Nahrin know that and that is why they offer a wide range of creams to resolve each and every condition. All of which are free from chemical preservatives, artificial colouring, fragrances and parabens. And are made with natural ingredients and using essential oils from plants which have been raised free from pesticides by growers who farm responsibly and care for their environment. Below I will run through the benefits of each of these great creams so that you can make an informed decision on which one will suit your needs best.

Nahrin Dead Sea Salt Cream 100ml

Nahrin Dead Sea Salts Cream (Totes Meer Salz)

Ideal for people suffering from sensitive, irritated and thin skin. Also for anyone who suffers from psoriasis or flaky skin on their palms which can get infected with fungal bacteria which can lead to nail fungal problems. As the name suggests it has a high content of salts form the Dead Sea which are renown for their healing benefits. Nahrin Dead Sea Salt Cream is quite thick in consistency but rubs in quickly and soothes itchy skin. Has electrolytic properties which helps with scars (once healed). – Go to product page

Nahrin Lavender Cream

Nahrin Lavender Cream

Making a welcome return to our range after the briefest of absences, Nahrin Lavender Cream has been a firm favourite with the UK public. Once you check out the ingredients it will be of no surprise that this cream with Lavender and Witch Hazel calms stressed skin and is good for prickly heat. With a cream base of Aloe Vera, Sorbitol Shea Butter, Sun Flower Seed Oil and Allantoin  this cream has very good moisturising properties. The calming properties have another maybe another unexpected benefit, it is great for treating haemorrhoids. – Go to product page

Nahrin Arnica Cream (Arnika)

Also know as ‘Foot Cream’ because its high penetrating moisturising properties. This cream has a long lasting effect and is great for softening calloused skin. So apart from its accepted value in moisturising feet, it is ideal for anyone who does manual work such as building and gardening where you need a cream that will penetrate hardened skin and be longer lasting. It is also perfect for chapped skin. – Go to product page

Nahrin Foot Repair Cream 100ml

Nahrin Foot Repair Cream (Hornhault)

You guessed it, yes, this is a heavy duty cream which will go to town at getting moisture back into those hardened cracks not only on your heels but on the extremities of your fingers, quite often on the corners of your thumb nail. It has a high concentration  of urea which helps with the absorption of moisture into the skin. These cracks if left untreated can become infected with potentially serious consequences – Go to product page

Nahrin Marigold Cream (Ringelblume)

Marigold is well know for its healing and caring properties. Made using an old traditional recipe using a cold fresh plant extract which helps keep the natural properties of the plant. This coupled with the use of a soy bean and sunflower oil base makes it an effective way to cares for sensitive and chapped skin. It also promotes healing especially on skin damage from burns, cuts and nappy rash. With natural  antimycotic properties it also can helps with fungal problems. – Go to product page

Nahrin Mallow Cream

Nahrin Mallow Cream (Malve)

This cream is best suited to care for mature, dry skin. It has a nourishing and high moisturising  effect on the skin due to its rich plant based content. It helps to restore your skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Also good for sensitive skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Nahrin Mallow Cream is ideal for people who suffer from rosacea, age blemishes and couperose-prone skin and if used regularly will lighten the blemished skin. – Go to product page

Nahrin Chamomile Cream 100ml

Nahrin Chamomile Hand Cream (Kamille)

Our traditional hand cream helps protect and nourish hands from cold and detergents which have a drying effect on the skin. This emollient helps keep the skin elastic and soft. It also keeps the natural balance of oils in your skin. Nahrin Chamomile Cream absorbs quickly leaving your hands feeling velvety soft and non greasy. This cream is made to ecological guidelines without paraffin, silicones and PEG compounds. – Go to product page