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Time for Thyme

Autumn heralds the start of the Cold and Flu season


Many of us will be getting a call for our flu jabs and others with children of school or university age will be already suffering from colds and coughs following our year long period of isolation. Thyme is perfect aid to help bring relief to the respiratory tract. Make sure you keep Nahrin Thyme Cream and Nahrin Thyme Bath Essencein your bathroom cabinet.

Essentials for this time of year…

Keeping hands sanitised is as important as ever?

Make sure your hand sanitiser does not dry your skin leaving it sore and cracked. Hand gel’s content is high in alcohol which strips moisture from our skin. Nahrin Hand Wash Gel also contains a moisturiser so, while meeting the World Medical Association anti-bacterial standards it also leaves your hands soft and smooth. Find out more

Nahrin Juniper Cream 100ml

Get ready, set, go!

Reduce the chance of injuries through pulled muscles, cramps and strains with Nahrin Juniper Cream. With its warming properties, this product is perfect to use before and after exercise. Find out more

Nahrin Chamomile Cream 100ml

Best hand cream

Nahrin’s Chamomile Cream protects your hands against harsh weather and nourishes the skin leaving it soft and hydratedFind out more

New & News

New Nahrin Mango Shower Gel

Natural herbal Shower Gel replaces both our Lavender Shower Gel and Honey Rice and Milk Shower Gel. It is ideal for all skin types especially dry, sensitive skin. Perfect for the whole family. Find out more click here.

Nahrin Herbal Oil Plus 33+7 50ml will be back in stock soon

We still have our 15ml bottles in stock and expecting confirmation of the 50ml bottles soon. We will post on here once we have a date.

Back in stock


Nahrin Thyme Cream

An indispensable cream for this time of year to help keep clear respiratory tracts. Apply to the chest and back and for small children to the soles of their feet at bedtime. With the return of Thyme Cream we can now offer our great value for money Winter Cream Collection  – Click Here for more information on our popular Thyme Cream.



Nahrin Tea Tree Cream & Tea Tree Tonic

This popular set is perfect for teenagers and people who suffer from acne and greasy skin. Tea Tree has superior anti-bacterial and healing properties. Find out more about this great combo – Click Here

Nahrin Tea Tree Cream and Nahrin Tea Tree Tonic



Nahrin Hair Conditioner

The same award winning conditioner now in a handier bottle. Its return allows us to be able to offer our great value Nahrin Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner Set and Nahrin Cassis Shampoo and Conditioner Set Click Here to find out more about our conditioner

Nahrin Hair Conditioner

Welcome to JustUK

Jüstrich Cosmetics have used their passion and understanding of the benefits of herbs to promote health and well being. A Swiss, family owned company established over 60 years ago, use natural ingredients which are free from pesticides and chemical residues from selected suppliers who care and respect their environment. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Becoming a Consultant

Because of the restrictions due to Covid we have had to put a hold on new consultant appointment. As soon as we feel it safe to restart our Consultant programme we will be open to applicants.

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Hosting a presentation with friends is fun and informative. Unfortunately Covid restrictions have temporarily suspended this. In the words of the Terminator ‘we will be back!’ Meanwhile please check out our great products on-line or call 020 8339 0488 with any questions.

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