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Has spring sprung?

Well that all depends on whether you go by the meteorological or astronomical definition. But either way, it has been so changeable, that we seem to swing between summer and winter in a day.

Meteorologically spring started on the 1st March but astronomically, this year, it starts on the 20th March. Whichever way you measure it, now is the perfect time to get out. We have a great range of foot care products and muscle warming cream and bath essences to keep that spring in your step!

Our top sellers this month

Nahrin Herbal Oil Plus 33+7

No surprise here, this amazing oil has been our best seller since day one. Because this oil contains 33 different essential oil and 7 plant extracts it has countless beneficial properties. If you have never tried it then what are you waiting for? Find out more about this wonder product – Click Here.

Nahrin Herbal Oil Plus 50ml


Nahrin Alpine Oil Spray

With extreme changeable weather it is not surprising that many of us are suffering from colds. This great spray not only helps as a decongestant but helps disinfect the room. It is not surprising that we have seen large orders going out to dental practices around the country.  To find out more – Click Here

Nahrin Alpine Oil Spray


Nahrin Thyme Cream

Still on the cold and flu theme, this wonderful cream has warming and decongestant properties. As all our creams are quite concentrated, a great tip for using on young children is to rub it on the soles of their feet at bed time. The vapours will travel up under the covers and help clear their respiratory passages. Find out more – Click Here

Nahrin Thyme Cream

Welcome to JustUK

Jüstrich Cosmetics have used their passion and understanding of the benefits of herbs to promote health and well being. A Swiss, family owned company established over 60 years ago, use natural ingredients which are free from pesticides and chemical residues from selected suppliers who care and respect their environment. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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