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FAQs on Becoming A Consultant

Q. What are the potential earnings?

A. Justuk.net offers a non pressured, flexible environment where your earning potential is limited only by your commitment and imagination.

  • We welcome consultants who enjoy the friendly small, intimate gatherings with friends and relatives and prefer the social aspect free from the high pressure targets imposed by some direct sales schemes.
  • We also welcome consultants who relish the challenge of sales and therefore offer an environment and tools to make this possible. The choice is yours.

Q. How do I start selling Nahrin products?

A. There are many ways our consultants have build their customer base over the years. Here are just a few of the tried and tested routes:

  • Presentations held in the comfort of a friend or relatives house where they introduce their friends.
  • Presentations held during lunch breaks or after work to work colleagues.
  • School and local fetes, fairs and charity events.
  • Presentations at your local sports or social club or workout class.
  • Mother and children’s groups
  • Women’s Institutes and Slimming Groups

The most important thing is to make sure you keep clear notes on there details, what they bought or were interested in and date they bought it. Be helpful, friendly, honest but never pushy.

Q. Are there any incentives for my customers to host a presentation?

A. Yes, apart from the chance to sample our unique range of natural products, learn about the benefits of using herbs and aromatherapy & enjoy a free massage, if  your host invites 4 friends or more and you achieve sales of over £150, they get to choose a free gift worth up to 10% of the value of the evenings takings.

Q. How long do I have to wait to get my commission from my sales?

A. You don’t, you sell a Nahrin products to your customers at the listed retail price, you collect the money at the time of sale. Fulfillment of the order is through your account which you buy at a discounted price.

Q. Do I get charged postage?

A. Yes, therefore you need to take that into account when charging your customer. You will be charged a minimum of £3 and a maximum of £4.90 for standard postage. This charge covers the costs of Royal Mail 2nd Class Mail and the cost of the packing and packaging. You must take this into account when charging your customers. Also try to find a convenient and cost effective way to get your customer orders to them.

Q. Why should customers buy from me rather then straight from the main site?

A. The answer is simple, you are the reason! There is no price benefit to your customer and they get the benefit of your knowledge and friendship. We acknowledge that some of your customers will prefer the freedom of ordering straight from the site. This is no problem as long as you ensure that you register all your customers through your Consultant portal. This way they are free to purchase from the site and you will still get your commission on all their purchases. Due to legislation it is important that you seek permission from your clients before you do so.

Q. Do I need to be an expert on the benefits of herbs?

A. No but it will help in your success if you have an interest or a willingness to learn. When you sign up to become a consultant you will receive a comprehensive manual which will explain the usage and benefits of each product. We recommend that you make yourself well acquainted with the products you are including in your presentation beforehand so that you can talk with knowledge and conviction.

Q. Is there a minimum I need to sell per month?

A. As a consultant you will be required to sell a minimum of £100 per month in direct sales. We acknowledge that there will be some months when this may be difficult as there will be periods when you or your customers may be away on holiday, seasonal holidays etc. For this reason we give you 1 month’s grace per 3 month period. This is to ensure that people do not join the consultant programme just to get discounted product solely for personal use.

Q. As a Justuk.net Consultant, am I employed by JustUK.net?

A. No, as a consultant it is your independent business. Therefore you will be liable for your own tax affairs and personal liability, You will need to agree to our contract which states our terms of business.

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