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About Us


Jüst UK is the exclusive distributor for the UK of Nahrin products which are made in Switzerland by Jüstrich Cosmetics. Based near the Royal Palace of Hampton Court, we sell Nahrin products on-line or through a dedicated network of independent Consultants. We were originally attracted to this brand because of its strong ethical values, philosophy and objectives of offering a product made with the best ingredients that nature can provide, their respect for nature while embracing innovation. We hope you enjoy and value the Nahrin products as much as we do.



To actively contribute to improving the health and quality of our customers’ life of through handmade, natural, high quality products made using the most modern production techniques, under strict Swiss quality standards.


To offer products made with the best ingredients that nature can offer. They are are committed to:

  • innovation
  • the respect for nature
  • quality and excellence

Nahrin AG, incorporating Jüstrich Cosmetics AG is a Swiss family owned company established over 60 years ago, manufacturing and distributing nutritional and herbal products to over 30 countries, serving millions of customers while keeping to their traditions.


Made from natural, carefully selected, high quality raw materials free from pesticides and chemical residues sourced from suppliers who care and respect the environment. Having a close relationship with their supply chain ensures a confident assurance of quality of their products. Their laboratories develop and manufacture all their natural products. They love and respect animals and therefore do not test on animals.


They operate according to the highest standards of quality control working to strict Swiss compliance standards and meeting EU regulations and other countries where our product is sold. Their hold the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • Certification for organic products
  • BVET 33 for food processing
  • MIBD 2435 for dairy processing



During the summer and late autumn of 1990, two business associates in the Vorarlberg region of Austria collect local Alpine herbs and plants. For a whole year, these two innovators expose the plants they have gathered to the effects of the sun, in huge vats. In this way they create unique essences of Alpine herbs, and thus lay the foundation of Alpine Herbs Produkte AG. The first processing of these essences results in high-quality ointments, emulsions, bath oils and creams. News of these products and their quality spreads fast, and their success lead to a wide-spread acceptance of these natural skin-care products throughout the whole of Austria and Switzerland. Uncompromising commitment to meticulous methods of production and the use of carefully selected active ingredients are contributory factors to the company’s success story.


Step by step the small manufacturer out grows its original structure. In just ten years, it transforms from being a small producer of natural cosmetics into an innovative enterprise for speciality cosmetics. The owners therefore change the legal structure of the business to a public limited company and move the whole operation to Rorschach.


In 2006, the two visionary founders and owners decide to sell the company as they have no one to succeed them and in 2007 Alpine Herbs Produkte AG is aquired by Nahrin AG. They have sites in Sarnen and Heerbrugg and at the time focused on the production and distribution of food stuffs and dietary supplements. Its company philosophy ‘Healthy both inside and out’ was the driving force behind the planned expansion of the product range to include personal care products together with the addition of a suitable production facility.


Within a short period of time bottle necks caused business growth at Alpine Herbs Produkte AG in Rorschach necessitates an overhaul of both production and logistics. In 2009 works starts on the high technology facility in Berneck and by 2010 production and administration move to the new building under the name of Jüstrich Cosmetics AG.