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Host A Presentation

Why not share a pampering event with your friends

Hosting a JustUK.net event in your house can be both enjoyable and rewarding! Simply invite 4 or more of your friends to join you for a relaxing pampering time. One of our experienced Consultants will introduce you and your friends to the wonders of herbal products from Switzerland and how they can play an important roll in your well being in a no pressure sales environment. You will be able to discuss with your consultant prior to the presentation if you have any preference to the theme of the event so it can be tailored to your wishes.

  • Sample our unique range of natural products, learn about the benefits of using herbs and aromatherapy & enjoy a free massage
  • Our consultants welcome the opportunity of talking to Women’s Institutes, Slimming Clubs, Schools, charitable events, Mother and Children’s groups, local shows or other groups.
  • They are also available attend offices/place of work during lunch hours to offer stress relieving hand massages and suggest products. Jüst are also available to host stands in shopping precincts and superstores.

FREE PRODUCT when you host a presentation

When you Host a presentation and achieve a minimum of £150 worth of orders at the presentation you will be offered 10% of the sales value to spend on Nahrin products of your choice.

If the value of sales reach over £250 your consultant will give you 15% of the sales value to spend on Nahrin products.

So, you see, a JustUK.net can really be both enjoyable and rewarding!

If you do not yet have a consultant CLICK HERE to find a consultant near you.