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JustUK Privacy Policy

JustUK.net’s Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has been updated to reflect changes in the GDPR data-protection laws.

Why is it important to have a privacy policy

Firstly, we are under a legal obligation to let you know what personal information we collect about you, what we use it for and on what basis. We always need a good reason and we also have to explain to you your rights in relation to that information. You have the right to know what information we hold about you and to have a copy of it, and you can ask us to change or sometimes delete it.

The reasons we collect information are set out in this privacy policy, but we are not telling you all this just because we have to. As an on-line shop, most of what we do – from accepting payments, sending your purchases and promoting our products – involves using personal information. And we believe that it is very important for our customers to trust us with that information. We want you to be confident that we will keep it secure and use it both lawfully and ethically, respecting your privacy.

Our support for the right to privacy, as part of our broader commitment to human rights, is stated in our human rights policy. And our privacy policy explains in detail how we use your personal information. It describes what we do (or what we may do) from the moment you open an account with us, when we may use your information for payment purposes through to delivery. It also applies to marketing other products and offers that we think will interest you.

But whatever we do with your information, we need a legal basis for doing it. We generally rely on one of three grounds (reasons) for our business processing. Firstly, if you have ordered products from us, we are entitled to process your information so that we can provide the items you wish to buy, take payment for it and deliver to your preferred address. Holding your purchase history to make it easier for you to re-order products you have previously ordered.

Secondly, if we want to collect and use your information for other purposes, such as sending you product information and offers, we may need to ask for your consent (permission) and, if we do, that permission must always be indicated by a positive action from you (such as ticking a box) and be informed. You are also free to withdraw your permission at any time. We never share your details with any third parties for marketing purposes.

But we do not always need permission. In some cases, having assessed whether our use would be fair and not override your right to privacy, we may come to the view that it falls within the third ground – our ‘legitimate interests’ to use the information in a particular way without your permission (for example, to protect our network against cyber-attacks). But when we do this, we must tell you as you may have a right to object. And if you object specifically to us sending you marketing material, or to ‘profiling you’ for marketing purposes, we must then stop.

This is all set out in detail in this policy, which focuses more on those items that we think are likely to be of most interest to you. As well as covering processing for business purposes, we give you information on circumstances in which we may have to, or can choose to, share your information.

Our privacy policy

Please read the policy carefully as it applies to the services we provide you with on our website.  It applies to our consumer and consultants.

It also applies even if you’re not one of our customers and you interact with us as part of running our business, such as by:

  • sharing your detail with one of our consultants
  • taking part in a survey or trial
  • signing up to our newsletter
  • entering a prize promotion;
  • calling our help desk
  • generally enquiring about our services and products

If you need to give us personal information about someone else in relation to our products and services, the privacy policy will also apply. And if we need the permission of the other person to use that information, we’ll ask you to check they are OK with this.

Technology is a fast-changing area and can be complicated. We’ve included a glossary which explains the meaning of any technical terms we use.

Who are we?

Just UK.net is the main agent and distributor for the UK and Ireland for Nahrin AG, Switzerland. We are an independent of the Swiss company. We do not share your personal data with Nahrin AG or other Nahrin agents or distributors who form the  membership of the worldwide network.

We review our privacy policy regularly. This latest policy was updated on the 24 May 2018. Should we amend our policies we will endeavour to let you know.  This is explained further in the section titled ‘How to contact us’.

Accessing and updating how we use your data

You can access and update the information we hold about you by either logging into your account, contacting us by email [email protected] or calling our customer line on 020 8339 0488.

We’ll always try to help you with your request but we can refuse if we believe doing so would have a negative effect on others or the law prevents us.  And even though we have to complete your request free of charge, we are allowed to reject requests if:

  • they’re repetitive
  • you don’t have the right to ask for the information
  • or the requests made are excessive

If that’s the case, we’ll explain why we believe we don’t have to fulfil the request.

Don't want to receive any more marketing from us?

You can opt out of receiving marketing from us at any time using the link provided at the bottom of our marketing emails.

If you prefer you can also call our customer line on 020 8339 0488 or email us using the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

For more information about how we use your information for marketing purposes, please see the next section below.

Want a copy of the information we hold on you?

If you want a copy of your billing, delivery, purchase history information, log in to your account or call 020 8339 0488 and we’ll send it to you. (You must be the account holder to ask for this information.)  It’s quick and simple to access it this way.

You can also ask us for a copy of the information we hold about you using our ‘Contact Us‘ form.

It will normally take us up to one month to get back to you but could take longer (up to a further two months) if it’s a complicated request or we get a lot of requests at once.

We’ll reply electronically unless you ask us to send the information by post.

Concerned about what we are doing with your personal information?

You can ask us to correct, complete, delete or stop using any personal information we hold about you by using our ‘Contact Us’ form.

If you’re worried about how we send you marketing information, have a look at the section above on how to check or change those settings.

If you want us to stop using personal information we’ve collected via cookies on our website, you should either change your cookie settings in your browser settings. In some cases, we might decide to keep information, even if you ask us not to. This could be for legal or regulatory reasons, so that we can keep providing our products and services, or for another legitimate reason. For example, we keep certain billing information to show we have charged you correctly or sent you the right products.  But we’ll always tell you why we keep the information.

We aim to provide our products and services in a way that protects information and respects your request. Because of this, when you delete or change (or ask us to delete or change) your information from our systems, we might not do so straight away from our back-up systems or copies on our active servers. And we may need to keep some information to fulfil your request (for example, keeping your email address to make sure it’s not on our marketing list).

Where we can, we’ll confirm any changes. For example, we’ll check a change of address against the Postal Address File, or we might ask you to confirm it.

If we’ve asked for your permission to provide a service, you can withdraw that permission at any time.  It’ll take us up to 30 days to do that.  And it only applies to how we use your personal information in the future, not what we’ve done in the past.

Do not want to purchase any more products from JustUK.net?
If you have decided you no longer wish to purchase any further products from JustUK.net and want all your data removed from our data you can either contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ form or call the Customer line on 020 8339 0488.

What kinds of personal information do we collect and how do we use it?

We only collect the following information which you will have given us at the time or opening your account:

  • name
  • email address
  • contact telephone numbers
  • billing address
  • delivery address
  • allocated Consultant if one was requested
  • birth date
  • marketing opt-in
  • purchase history

We don’t hold any credit card information regardless of whether your payment was taken over the phone or on-line.