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Exfoliating Loofah Pad


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100% Natural high quality Loofah and ultra soft terry toweling scrubber for exfoliation in bath and shower.

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Any changes to this Policy will be either posted on our website, made available on request or supplied with your next purchase with us. We will strive to ensure our practices comply with the most current available version of this Policy.

Please Note: Only one pad included. The image is simply to show what it looks like front and back.

This scrubber is made from terry cloth and natural loofah. By simply slipping your palm through the strap on the terry cloth side to use the exfoliating pad to rub your skin. Use the pads before or during your shower to revive your skin. It is important to leave to dry after each use. Use the pads to exfoliate once or twice a week. Try to plan it between shaves.

To care for your loofah pad to prevent them from becoming infected with bacteria it is recommended that you:

  • Rinse it out thoroughly after use
  • Leave to dry it outside the shower cubicle, say by the window, after each use
  • Once a week soak it in your basin with 4 table spoons of vinegar for a couple of hours, then microwave damp on a medium heat for 30 seconds and then leave to dry thoroughly
  • Replace every 2 months dependent on use



  • Suitable for vegans
  • Nahrin does not experiment on animals


Use dry to exfoliate on legs and arms and use wet for areas with more sensitive and delicate skin. The wet loofah will hold a great foam. Do not use near the intimate areas to avoid contaminating your loofah with unwanted bacteria.


  • Smooths skin by removing dead skin cells
  • Helps reduce Acne by removing the dead skin and oil build up. For greasy skin use with Nahrin Lavender Shower Gel.
  • Reduces Pore size – as it helps reduce build-up inside the pores it stops them stretching. Open your pores with warm water before exfoliating and then splash with cold water to close them thus preventing them from re-clogging.
  • Leaves your skin glowing



Not for use near the intimate areas to avoid contamination of your loofah with harmful bacteria.


Luffa Aegyptica (Natural Loofah), Polyester, Mixed Fibres, Synthetic Sponge.


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